MetalTrax is the most complete and affordable metal and steel software available. Some of the features in MetalTrax include:

Fully Integrated Accounting

Manage all of your accounting right from MetalTrax! The software was written by an accountant who understands how to make book keeping clean and simple. Create invoices and credits in a few simple steps. Review customer accounts. Pay bills and print checks with just a couple of clicks.

Inventory Control

Creating and editing items has never been easier. MetalTrax tracks your inventory value with ease. Manage your inventory and scrap to keep track of profitability. Set up tiered pricing levels – customer specific, customer type, and general pricing. Easily keep track of tagged inventory, Mill Test Reports, and inventory costs.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders in just seconds. Keep track of inventory that arrives in a damaged condition. Email, fax, or print your purchases orders to send them directly to your vendors.

Sales/Quote Entry

Fill out a complete sales order in no time at all. MetalTrax has improved order entry speed for all of our customers. Add notes and comments to orders. Add processes and fabrication work to give a complete price to customers. Select shapes from your optimization software’s library of shapes. Send the order directly out to your optimization software. Add attachments to orders and specific lines. Email, fax, or print your sales order, confirmation, and invoice directly to your customer.


Do you know where each pending order is on your floor? MetalTrax will change the way you view the production on your warehouse floor. See how much material has been processed in a day, week, month, or year. Get real-time updates on order statuses. Find out where bottlenecks occur. Improve efficiency by planning production. Find out the value of the scrap you have thrown out.

Barcode Scanning

Using an HTTP listener, the team members out on the floor will be able to update sales order statuses with a simple barcode scanner. MetalTrax works well with nearly every barcode scanner on the market. Most of our customers have been saving money by using USB or Bluetooth scanners. The information that barcode scanning provides will improve your efficiency and lead to better customer satisfaction.

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